Everything About the Additional Benefits for Most Civil Servants in S’pore

Starting from October 2024, civil servants in Singapore will have something to cheer about. 

Eligible public officers will be receiving an annual benefit of $500 to support their “health, well-being, and personal growth”.

Minister-in-charge of the Public Service, Mr Chan Chun Sing, relayed this news at the Public Service Week opening on 10 July at ITE College Central.

This initiative, dubbed as FlexiGrow, is part of the government’s commitment to bettering the lives of those who serve the nation.

(Man, talk about a flex…)

What are Civil Servants Entitled to?

FlexiGrow is designed by the Public Service Division (PSD) to be flexible, allowing civil servants to use the $500 benefit based on their individual needs.

Whether it’s for personal development courses, fitness programs, or other health-related activities, public officers can now take charge of their well-being in a way that suits them best.

This initiative recognises that the demands of public service can be exhausting as it keeps innovating faster and faster, and it’s crucial for officers to take care of themselves while continuing to grow.

In addition to FlexiGrow, there’s more good news for these civil servants.

We all know how notoriously expensive healthcare, especially a dentist visit, can be in Singapore, but starting 1 January 2025, civil servants can worry less as they will be having a significant boost in medical and dental benefits.

Medical subsidies at private clinics will increase from S$20 to S$50 per visit, making it more affordable for officers to seek medical attention.

Dental benefits will also rise from S$120 to S$250 annually, encouraging regular dental check-ups and better oral health.

Mr Chan acknowledged that constant change that public officers operate under can be unsettling and exhausting.

“We need to take care of ourselves; we need to take care of each other in this long journey ahead. And this is what our Public Service is committed to,” he said.

By improving these benefits, the government aims to ensure that public officers are well-supported, both in their professional and personal lives.

When asked who exactly are eligible for this initiative, the PSD said that they “intend for most officers to benefit from FlexiGrow.”

The public service in Singapore currently comprises 152,000 officers across 16 ministries and over 50 statutory boards. The civil service, which is a subset of this, has about 86,000 officers in government ministries.

To maintain the high standards of the public service and attract the best talent, they have to offer attractive benefits.

FlexiGrow and enhanced medical and dental benefits are just part of the package in the PSD’s step towards better well-being for civil servants.

The public service also plans to raise the retirement age to 64 and the re-employment age to 69 from 1 July 2025 in an effort to empower older officers who wish to remain active and engaged at work for longer.

Public officers have welcomed these changes, with some expressing their enthusiasm to use the FlexiGrow benefit for wellness programs or fitness classes like yoga, while others hope to take up basic counselling courses.

While these benefits are significant, Mr Chan stressed that they are “just hygiene factors.”

The true appeal of the public service lies in its sense of mission, values, and gumption. It’s not just about offering the best perks, but about inspiring good people to join and stay committed to serving the nation.

In his closing remarks, Mr Chan emphasised the importance of “governing responsively for the short term, and responsibly for the long term”, so that Singaporeans are able to thrive for a long time.

Public officers must remain grounded, listening to the needs of Singaporeans without succumbing to populism, he added.

So… you guys looking for new blood anytime soon? 

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