Singapore’s Public Buses Unveil Larger, Clearer Number Displays for Enhanced Commuter Convenience

Have you noticed the larger electronic displays gracing our public buses, prominently showcasing the bus numbers?

You might be used to seeing the Electronic Display Sign (EDS) showcase the bus destination as well as the number on the side.

Image: TikTok (LTA)

Guess what? You no longer have to squint to check the number of the approaching bus as you wait at the bus stop.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) has come up with a brand-new display format. This design prominently features the bus number in a larger font, right in the centre.

The Reason Behind This Creation

Source: Tik Tok (@ltasg)

Catching the bus on time and securing a seat are often the primary concerns for many kiasu Singaporeans. I’m sure many of you, me included, have paid little attention to the display sign.

LTA’s revamped display aims to make bus services more identifiable, particularly for the elderly and those with slight visual impairments, ensuring that the bus number is clear and unmistakable at a glance.

The digital signage will alternate between the original and new format, allowing passengers not only to identify the bus service with ease but also to ascertain its destination without confusion.

If you’re a regular user of Singapore’s public transport (aka when you’re too broke to book a Grab car), you’ve likely observed the higher level of accessibility throughout the system through the years.


Bus stops and MRTs are designed to be barrier-free, with buses equipped with ramps to aid passengers with strollers, wheelchairs or require a Personal Mobility Aid (PMA). Additionally, tactile guiding systems are placed within the MRT to safeguard the visually impaired passengers.

Take, for example, the upgrades at Tampines North Bus Interchange.

This interchange has been reimagined for greater accessibility, including barrier-free entrances, a dedicated priority queue zone at each boarding berth and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.

There are also new additions like a changing room and baby care room for parents with infants and, notably, a commuter care room tailored for individuals with sensory needs. The entire room is cushioned, offering a tranquil space for those needing a respite from the hustle and bustle.

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