Lying on the internet is a bit like farting, everyone does it, but we hardly acknowledge it.

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That friend who keeps posting pictures of him and his girlfriend with captions like “Tru Luv Lasts 4 Ever” probably broke up several months earlier and can’t get over it.

That “gym buff” who posts gym selfies every day probably took those pictures weeks ago and is currently in bed watching Netflix.

But unlike lying to your parents, lying on the internet is not something you can always get away with, because the internet is an unforgiving place.

Influencer Deletes IG Account After Behind-The-Scene Images Leaked That Exposed Her Edits

An Instagram influencer has deleted her account after someone leaked images of a photoshoot that exposed her edits.

The Instagrammer Rosa Yin, whose handle was @Enrosa_, reportedly used edited pictures on an online forum to advertise diet products.

Yin reportedly sold the diet products online via e-commerce platform Shopee, and used social media to advertise the goods and their efficacy.

But then someone posted an unedited picture on the PTT Bulletin Board System, Taiwan’s online forum, and fans started to question if she really looked the way she did.

How bad was it? Well, you be the judge.

Image: AsiaWire

This image above is allegedly an edited picture, in what looks to be like a photoshoot with a Mercedes car.

But another photograph, dubbed a ‘behind the scenes’ photo, surfaced soon after, allegedly showing what the model looks like without editing.

image: AsiaWire

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being thicc, but why lie about it online?

Nevertheless, the Taiwanese Instagrammer was incredibly pissed, to say the least.

Deactivated Account & Threatened Lawsuit

After the unedited images were shared online, Yin threatened a lawsuit against the distributor but failed to find out who it was, according to UniLad.

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She also threatened to go to the police with the names of anyone who shared the image, and even offered a reward for anyone who could tell her who the original distributor was.

“If anyone sees someone sharing the secretly taken picture of me, and can provide their phone number or other personal details, I’ll reward you with 2,000 TWD [£58]. If you find the person who actually took the secret picture of me, you’ll get 16,800 TWD [£448]. Thank you. This is an opportunity to earn some money. If any of your friends share the picture with you, take a screenshot or give me the person’s Instagram handle. You’ll be rewarded as well”, she said.

Yin later deactivated her account, but claimed that she had gone to the police before doing so.

The Taiwanese authorities have yet to announce any ongoing investigations.

You Can’t Trust Anything On The Internet

If these unedited images really are of the Instagrammer, then this just supports the notion that you can’t trust anything you read or see on the internet.

Whether it’s your friends on Instagram or a message on WhatsApp, you should take everything you see online with a huge bowl of salt.

Reader: What about your articles?

Well, I mean, if you can’t trust a company that tells you facts about nose hair, who can you trust?

Reader: That’s a valid point.

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