This is Jolin Tsai, every 90’s boy dream girlfriend.

Image: AsiaOne

And this is Eason Chan, every 90’s girl dream boyfriend.

Image: SCMP

Recently, both of them got together to collaborate on an English song, Fight As One.

This was the first time both iconic singers have collaborated and they decided to do it in the form of a tribute to healthcare workers.

Image: Giphy

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way.

Jolin Tsai’s COVID-19 Song Draws Flaks As People Turned Political During This Crisis

If you were to go to the comments section of the video uploaded by China Yunnan TV Official Channel, you’ll realise that most people aren’t as touched as you think.

Most condemned the two singers, one from Taiwan and one from Hong Kong, for selling out to the “evil” Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Image: Screengrab from YouTube 

Some netizens also questioned why the Taiwan medical service wasn’t featured in the video.

Image: Screengrab from YouTube

Netizens also took issue with a video montage within the music video that showed children from around the world drawing flags of China and writing words to thank China.

It was also pointed out that the video was produced in collaboration with China’s Yunnan Television.

As of the time of writing, the video has 13,000 likes and 66,000 unlikes.

Which is kind of ironic, considering that the lyrics go like this:


If you believe we need to fight together as one

It’s a fight we cannot lose

It’s a fight for you and me

A fight for everyone no matter where you’re from

It’s alright we will not lose

It’s alright for you and me

We’re fighting for a better place to be

Verse 2:

It’s really not that bad if you think about it

For once, the world has come together

Could’ve been much worse you think about it

At least we’re not fighting one another

Yup, we’re still fighting one another. #JustSaying

Anyway, if you’re looking to cry your hearts out and listen to a tribute to medical workers, how about G.E.M’s tribute song? Everyone in the office have cried at least ten times now.


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