Man Beat Up Elderly in MRT Train Over Loud Headphone Music

When you’re commuting via public transport, you’ll meet different kinds of people: Some talk loudly on their phones while others blast music at the maximum volume through their headphones, and you wonder when they’re going deaf.

Most of us would tend to ignore these people and head on to wherever we’re going but not this man.

Man Beat Up Elderly in MRT Train Over Loud Headphone Music

A 1 minute 39 seconds video of the incident was uploaded onto Ben Chia Lor’s Facebook yesterday (28 Nov), which was taken from @sgfollowsall.

It was captioned “A man just attack an old uncle not happy because the music in his earpiece too loud.”

This incident allegedly took place at Ang Mo Kio MRT station.

The Fight

The video starts with the old man kicking the younger man in a purple shirt. The younger man immediately retaliated by punching the older man.

A quick scuffle followed as profanities in Hokkien could be heard. Some of the commuters left the cabin after they notice the fight getting rowdy while others tried to stop the fight.

As the old man and younger man was broken up by nearby commuters, the younger man pulled down his mask and shouted to no one in particular, “He thinks that he is right!”

He then faced the older man and told him, “When you talk, you must make sense! Your volume is too loud!”

He then tried to recompose himself by cleaning his glasses and tapping on his phone.

Meanwhile, the older man was also busy packing his items into a FairPrice bag.

Lady Try to De-Escalate The Fight 

While that was happening, a voice of a female commuter asking the older man not to bicker could be heard.

The older man responded with, “No, I was telling him not to interfere.”

The lady continues trying to de-escalate the fight while the younger man continues to babble.

The camera then panned to a lady speaking, who was on the reserved seat.

Man Felt That He was Scolded

As part of the younger man’s vomit of words, he suddenly said he was being scolded.

The older man then clarified that he did not scold the younger man.

While the younger man try to defend his statement, a lady’s voice could be heard asking the older man to sit at the opposite seats. The older man complied.

The lady also asked the older man to not cause his kids to worry.

Meanwhile, the younger man vented his frustrations on the commuters around him.

The video ended shortly after.

The original video that was posted on sgfollowsall Instagram page can’t be found. It was also uncertain if a police report was made about the incident.

Moral of the story?

Reader: Don’t sit at the reserved seat. You’d never know when a fight can take place and someone will film you sitting on it.


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Featured Image: Instagram (sgfollowsall) 

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