Some people are not handling the circuit breaker period too well.

While most people are adhering to the new rules, spending hours every day at home deciding what to watch on Netflix before passing out, a minority is rebelling against the elevated measures and taking their frustrations out on those who enforce them.

We’ve seen annoyed uncles and aunties who’ve argued with police after being told that they can’t eat their Chicken Rice at the coffee shop, but nothing compares to the amount of anger this man has towards, well, everything and everyone.

Man Talks Rubbish With Police Officers; Eventually Gets Arrested But Still Talks Rubbish

Many videos of calm individuals having polite discussions with the police have been cropping up lately, mostly because some people just can’t adjust to the new rules.

This man, for example, took his arrest as a chance to vent all his frustrations about the government and the country.

The title “Drama Queen under arrest” couldn’t have been more accurate, as the man kept whining and complaining the whole time.

Not all of his complaints were audible however, as he mumbled most of them.

He starts off his pleasant discussion by openly admitting to the officers that they have one Indian officer that he wants to “whack”.

How nice of him to give them a heads-up.

Complaint #1 – $600 Payment

He then starts complaining about the government, his gripe being the one-off payment of $600 they recently gave everyone.

What could he possibly be upset about? Well, here’s what he said.

“Government give 600 they will take it back one, this one standard one, ok?
You don’t bluff me, you don’t bluff me, you don’t bluff me. Standard bo?”

Who the hell complains about getting money from the government?

The gahmem must be wondering what the hell they have to do to win people like this guy over.

But that wasn’t the man’s only gripe with the authorities.

Complaint #2 – Foreigners

For some unknown reason, it seems mandatory for people who are dissatisfied with their lives to blame foreigners at some point.

The man said he has no job because the government, which he nicely labelled “motherf**ker”, brought foreigners here.

Image: Giphy

Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason you’re unemployed, not the fact that you’re more unpleasant than a trip to the toilet after having some Mala Murtabak.

These officers must have the patience and self-restraint of a monk, because they just stared at him and let him vent the entire time.

The Arrest

The man then totally loses it when the police arrest him, as he started shouting and being more aggressive.

Image: Facebook (Janice Ong)

He then shows off his multilingual abilities by spouting vulgarities in several languages, some of which I’ve not heard since secondary school.

Image: Facebook (Janice Ong)

The video then cuts off, but it’s likely that the man was brought to the police station.

Be Kind To Those Enforcing SDM

Even if you disagree with the measures put in place by the government, it doesn’t make sense to take it out on police officers and safe distancing ambassadors who are simply enforcing the new circuit breaker rules.

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It makes their job tougher and you end up getting into trouble with the law.

Instead, stay at home, practise good hygiene, and follow safe distancing rules when you go outside for essential trips.

It’s barely been two weeks and some people are acting as if we’ve been stranded on a deserted island for two years.


Just hang in there for a while more, and when this Covid-19 pandemic finally dies down, our lives can go back to normal.

Reader Bao: My life is normal during the Circuit Breaker period. Before that, it was not normal.

I feel you.

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