Do you remember Mister Donut? The popular Japanese donut pop-up store at Jurong Point that sold one-of-a-kind, scrumptious donuts that melt in your mouth? 

Image: Facebook (WAttention Plaza)

Well, if you’re a fan, then you’re in luck because Mister Donut has officially announced that they would be setting up a permanent store in Singapore! 

The first-ever Mister Donut Flagship Store is to open its doors at the heart of Bishan, Junction 8, in May this year. 

This announcement comes in light of RE&S Enterprises having opened a Mister Donut pop-up store at Jurong Point Shopping Centre in July 2022.

Successful Trial Spurred Flagship Store’s Opening 

Last year, the pop-up store had received an overwhelming response, with reports stating that the first customer had already begun waiting to purchase the donuts at 9:00 am, two hours before its 11:00 am opening time. 

Queues went up to five hours, and at its peak, the queue was 100 metres long.

Customers queued for this long to purchase the highly addictive and iconic Pon de Ring (mochi) donut pictured below.


In order to maintain the donuts’ quality, the number of donuts available daily would remain around 3,500 pieces on average.

As such, instead of increasing the quantity of donuts available for the snaking queues of eager customers, the store reduced the maximum number of donuts each customer could purchase from 30 to 10.

This was to ensure that there would be enough donuts for all.

With that kind of success, it’s no surprise that they’ve decided to open a permanent store here (even if Health Promotion Board won’t be happy about it).

Mister Donut’s Origin 

Mister Donut is an international chain of donut stores that was founded in the United States in 1956, and surged in popularity in Japan.

It is one of the biggest Japanese donut franchises, with 9,557 stores in Asia now…and at least 9,558 from May 2023. Its headQuarters is located in Osaka, Japan

At the press conference announcing this news, the brand promised the same high quality donuts, making use of ingredients from Japan as well as sending their staff for training at the Mister Donut Academy in Osaka. 

During the joint press conference between Duskin, the operator of Mister Donut and RE&S Enterprises in Suita City, Osaka, Duskin President Hiroyuki Okubo said, “I consider Singapore to be a hub for the flow of people and information in Southeast Asia. We hope to further enhance our brand value in Southeast Asia through our success in Singapore.”

Featured Image: TikTok (@amandawgjy)

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