If you’ve received a WhatsApp message claiming that a foreign domestic worker had passed away from COVID-19 in Singapore today (28 February 2020), reply to the person who forwarded you the message with this image instead:

Because that “news” is fake.

In fact, according to MOH, there is indeed a foreign domestic worker who was tested for COVID-19, and she doesn’t even carry the virus.

MOH has clarified that as of 4pm today (28 February 2020), there has been no COVID-19-related death here in Singapore.

The rumour appears to come from a “friend of a foreign domestic worker”. That friend must have really hated her a lot.

You might want to bookmark MOH’s website here for the real news.

But today, that’s not the only fake thingy MOH has to tackle.

MOH Did Not Call People to Their Office to “Collect Documents”

This latest one is even weirder.

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According to MOH, people have received calls from “MOH”, asking them to visit MOH’s offices to collect documents.


MOH said that the calls are not made by them, and mentioned that they will “not require anyone to collect documents from MOH’s offices if they do not have any existing matter with us.”

They added, “We urge everyone to verify the authenticity of phone calls claiming to be from MOH by calling our General Hotline at 6325 9220. It is a good practice to always verify the authenticity of instructions before offering any personal information or making payments to anyone.”

Now, do note that they advised you to call them to verify, and not to look at the number to verify. It’s because scammers can use a program to change their caller-id, so the number might look legit.

And as usual, the best-est way to avoid getting scammed is to bookmark MOH’s website lah.

Once this whole COVID-19 is over, I think we’re going to ask for commission from MOH for getting so many people to bookmark their page le.

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