It’s a stressful time to be a human.

Climate change threatens to destroy our planet, David Beckham is not taking free kicks, and now, a deadly virus is spreading all over the world.

But one thing is for sure; when there is a crisis, it’s all about the survival of the fittest. People forget common decency and respect when their lives are at stake.

Or, in this instance, when they need face masks.

People Are Getting into Physical Fights for Masks in Japan

The demand for face masks continues to grow.

With the Covid-19 virus spreading rapidly, people all over the world are rushing to pharmacies and supermarkets to get their hands on as many face masks as possible.

You’ve probably seen long queues here in Singapore and thought no one could possibly be worse than us, right?

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Like many other countries, surgical mask sales have skyrocketed in Japan and have become very difficult to obtain.

It’s possibly more of a problem in Japan than Singapore because face masks are also used in early spring to ward off colds and allergies.

As a result, at least two fights have broken out in Yokohama’s Isezakicho neighbourhood, according to Soranews24.

One of the fights occurred on 25 Feb, where people were queuing for new shipments of surgical masks from Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a popular drug store chain in Japan.

And according to this Twitter user, the fight broke out in front of the store before it even opened.

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But wouldn’t coming into close contact with another human defeat the purpose of wearing masks?

The Twitter user said he called the police because he felt bad for the clerk.

According to Mothership, another fight took place in the same area, this time involving four people.

The Twitter user who took the video explained that this fight took place near another Matsumoto Kiyoshi store. The user said that it was due to the limited supply of masks and warned others to be careful.

So What Were They Fighting About?

Well, face masks lah. Have you not been paying attention?

Twitter user @tokage_to_kuma who posted the first video thinks that at least one of the fights may have been set off when one person accused another of cutting in line.

But many commenters think that it was due to money.

Some shoppers have been buying masks in bulk and attempting to resell them at inflated prices to turn a quick profit, reported SoraNews24.

Wow, how could they do such a thing? Oh right, Singaporeans did it too. Many times. 

Soranews24 added that such occurrences were not common in Japan, considering that people residing in Japan often deal with emergencies due to natural disasters.

So, it’s Covid-19 that takes the blame for this issue too.

Covid-19: That’s just unfair, man.

Oh crap, Covid-19 reads Goody Feed?


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