Police Now on Manhunt for a Murder That Took Place in Punggol Last Night (10 May)

We might now be familiar with police officers arresting Sovereigns who refuse to wear a mask, but today, the men and women in blue were doing what they had signed up to do: catching a criminal.

Because as you read this article, many of them are combing areas to find a murder.

Police Now on Manhunt for Murder That Took Place Last Night (10 May)

Yesterday night, a murder apparently took place at Punggol Field.

Lest you’re not aware, Punggol Field isn’t a playfield but a stretch of road in Punggol that’s near Punggol MRT Station.

Image: Google Maps

According to the police, at about 11pm yesterday (10 May 2020), a 38-year-old man was found injured along Punggol Field. He was taken to Sengkang General Hospital and succumbed to his injuries there.

The man was allegedly stabbed and had yelled for help. A witness told The Straits Times that the victim was kneeling, then stood up and walked to the back of a bus stop before he collapsed on the grass patch.

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The entire area surrounding the man was then covered in blood, and there was a deep cut on the right side of his armpit.

According to the witness, the victim appeared to be jogging as he was wearing a soccer jersey and running shoes.

More Police Presence in the Area

The police are now on a manhunt for the murderer, and the MP for the area, Sun Xueling, said that she has asked the police to step up patrols in the vicinity, and encouraged people who have more information to contact the authorities.

Other than police officers working on overdrive to find the murder, the Gurkha appears to be been activated to comb the grassy area, too.

Image: singaporeuncensored.com

The road where the incident happened has been cordoned off as well.

Second Stabbing Incident This Month

Just a week ago, on 4 May 2020, a man who has a history in IMH had stabbed an NParks safe-distancing officer after the officer found that he wasn’t wearing a mask.

Image: Singapore Police Force
Image: Singapore Police Force

The man escaped with his bicycle but was caught within 90 minutes by the police.

The 61-year-old, Ahirrudin Al-Had Haji Arrifin, is now remanded in IMH for psychiatric assessment for three weeks.

Fortunately, the man he stabbed survived the attack. Ahirrudin was therefore charged for attempt murder instead of murder.

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