Shocking Video of Rat on Food Tray Sparks Investigation at Tangs Market Food Court

Receiving an unexpected “rat birthday gift” could be considered the worst surprise imaginable.

However, just when we thought things couldn’t get any more unpleasant, a viral video emerged showing a seemingly half-dead rat lying flat on a food tray in a public food court.

Indeed, you heard correctly.

The rat, which appeared to be half-dead—or should we say, half-alive—was sprawled out on the tray, right next to a bowl of noodles.

It almost seemed as if the rat had wanted a taste of the noodles but lost consciousness before managing to do so.

On Monday, 27 Nov, a rat was spotted lying on a tray at the Tangs Market food court.

This incident was captured in a viral video that circulated on the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Laughs)

Moreover, the rat – a large, unconscious rodent – had a tail so long it dangled over the edge of the tray, twitching intermittently.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Laughs)


The rat appeared to be lying beside a bowl of noodles from Fei Siong Group’s restaurant, EAT.

How it ended up there is a mystery.

Surely, it wasn’t served along with the food, right?

The video was initially posted by a middle-aged Chinese woman on Xiaohongshu, but it was later removed.

However, others have since reposted the video, leaving evidence of this horrifying and disgusting incident.

Some speculate that the rat might have fallen onto the tray.

What is perhaps more shocking is that the presence of the rat didn’t seem to bother the surrounding customers initially.

Despite its unbelievable size, customers may not have noticed the rat at first, focusing instead on finishing their meals.

But soon, the twitching of the rat’s legs began to draw attention from several patrons of the food court.

The camera then panned to show a woman pointing out the rodent to a companion, with a look of shock slowly dawning on her face.

Two more customers then turned to look at the pest, recoiling in disgust.

According to Stomp, a member of the public present at the scene claimed that the rat had fallen from the ceiling.


In the video, people are seen keeping a wide berth from the rat, and screams are heard as the rodent begins twitching and squirming.

Responding to CNA, the Singapore Food Authority stated that an investigation was underway.

SFA emphasised that food safety is a shared responsibility. While SFA enforces regulatory measures, food operators must also adhere to good food hygiene and preparation practices.

SFA affirmed its readiness to take enforcement action against any food operators found to be in violation of these standards.

As of now, TANGS Singapore and the Fei Siong Group have not issued any responses.

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