You’ve probably already seen the red blocks at Tampines by now, and you either think it looks straight from a horror movie set or somewhat aesthetic. If not, here’s a video to recap the saga:

But honestly, have all the online comments pushing the blocks to be repainted blown this out of proportion?

If one thing’s for sure, the blocks have the Y2K vibe that most dull-coloured, sophisticated-looking BTOs today lack.

Photos uploaded by photographer Jayden Tan on Instagram reinforce this.

A Time Machine

It’s no joke when we say that we are indeed taken back to the 90s when we see Tan’s pictures, which were uploaded to Instagram on 4 March.

According to Tan, the photos were shot on CineStill 400d film, which explains their vintage vibe.

In the photos, two models, one dressed in white and the other dressed in black, pose in a half-repainted lift lobby.

The men, both clad in sunglasses, complemented the red-tiled walls with their looks, with their hair styled in a suave manner and their jackets hanging off their shoulders to give a cool appearance.

The man dressed in black would most certainly remind you of The Matrix, a character iconic of the time period that these photographs were going for.

Images: Instagram (@jaydenation)

Tan later uploaded a behind-the-scenes video on TikTok.

A Completely Different Response From Netizens

Previously, we saw a whole lot of mixed feelings about the colour of the flats, with most of them being somewhat negative.

Some even said it reminded them of the red light district.

This time, Tan’s post was flooded with positive comments praising his photography and admiring the aesthetics of the blocks.

Image: Instagram

One netizen said that his photos are sure to influence the general public to appreciate the colour of the flats now.

Image: Instagram

This photoshoot is certainly worthy of being published in Vogue Singapore or displayed in an art gallery.

Image: Instagram

Others expressed their disappointment at the flats being repainted, understandably so, as these blocks are genuinely one of a kind.

Image: TikTok

On TikTok, the red is really not a big deal to some.

“If you get it, you get it.”

Tan expresses in the caption that, unfortunately, most people don’t see the beauty of the blocks and have not acquired a taste for them.

“Maybe perhaps it’s just a wrong shade of red,” he says in the caption, which could be the case as the tone used is reminiscent of the one used for the Stranger Things logo.

Upon seeing these photos, you may have probably changed your mind about these flats. It’s not that bad now, is it?

So, was the move to repaint its walls due to online discourse really justified?

You can view the whole Instagram post here:

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