Plenty of studies have been coming out about the Covid-19 coronavirus, or the SARS-CoV-2.

Some studied the effect of drinking bleach.

Others found that Covid-19 could’ve been around since late 2019 in many countries.

A few told the world that drinking warm water will kill the virus because #commonsense.

Here’s another study that decides to answer a “common sense” question:

Can sex transmit Covid-19?

Turns Out, The Answer is “Yes”

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I mean, think about the process.

You exchange saliva when you kiss, on the mouth or other parts of the body, and I’ve never heard of anyone going:

Omg, that was good. Can you give me 30 seconds? Just need to go and do the 20-second handwash quick. I’ll be right back, promise.


Ohh, wanna do it together? It’ll be warm and slippery *smirks*

Yeah, you get what I mean.

Turns Out, It’s Not Just The Virus That Transmits The Virus

A Chinese hospital, Shangqiu Municipal Hospital in China’s Henan Province, decided to conduct a study on men’s semen.

The objective of the study? To find out if the SARS-CoV-2 is present in the semen of Covid-19 patients.

They took semen from 38 Covid-19 patients, with ages varying from 15 to those in their 50s.

Turns out, genetic material from the coronavirus was found in the semen of 6 patients.

Four of them were in the “acute stage of infection” while two are recovering.

What Does That Mean?


At least, not right now as least according to the researchers since the sample group is too small this time to make any valid conclusions.

However, should Covid-19 transmission via sex be proven in the future, they’ll have to consider “abstinence (not having sex) or condoms” as preventive means for Covid-19.


For those who’s been doing it with helmets on, you now know it’s all worth it.

Reader: Can you write something that not everyone knows?

Well, we have a great boss.

Reader: Yeah, so great you guys have been dissing him in your articles so far.

It’s satire. #bossyoureadingthis?

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