The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and the way we work.

Zoom is probably the best example of the change.

In Dec 2019, about 10 million people use Zoom. Fast forward to Mar 2020 and we see 200 million people using Zoom on a daily basis.

A great video conferencing tool, many companies and schools are using this hassle-free service to work and study from their homes.

Which leads to…

The Third Zoom War

Okay, Zoom might have the biggest slice of the pie right now but it’s not perfect, having faced security issues again and again.

Weird uncles have hacked Home-based lessons, accounts and passwords are being sold on the dark web and they were banned by Google.

Other notable names, seeing the big vacant spot that’s not yet occupied, are racing to get to the top fast.

We’re talking about companies like Facebook, and now, Telegram.

Telegram Coming Out with Group Video Call Service Just Like Zoom

According to The Verge, Telegram will be rolling out a group video call service in the later part of 2020.

The company says that unlike currently available video conferencing services which offer either security or usability, theirs will offer both at the same time.

Image: Giphy

This comes together with the news that the app has reached 400 million monthly active users.

That’s two times more than what they had two years ago.

Which makes sense since businesses and publications like Goody Feed are moving to the platform so that we can join the younger crowd in being lit.

Reader Bao: Lit? That’s like so 1990s.

Other Exciting Telegram Updates

Telegram is also adding a bunch of new features to the app.

For one, users can add educational snippets to quizzes created on the service.

A new directory is also launched, allowing users to browse 20,000 stickers that are available on Telegram.

Android users will also find their GUI updated, according to their blog post.

For those using the Telegram app on Apple computers, there will be even more new features added.

You can find out more here.

Sounds fun? I wouldn’t know because I’ve always thought of it as another WhatsApp.

Reader Bao: Ok, Boomer.

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