This is Like a Power Gaming Laptop, Except That It’s Portable

You know, sometimes you want to play video games outside of your own home; maybe on the plane on the way to your vacation, relaxing at a café or kicking it back at a friend’s place.

Though the thought of lugging the giant brick of a gaming laptop out of those doors alongside the accompanying equipment while brave the sun or rain (or both, it’s Singapore after all) may prove to be quite daunting, you do so anyway…

Only to realise that the location doesn’t have a single power outlet, and your laptop’s battery drains faster than desert soil. So you cut your losses and decide to play games only from home.

What if I told you that all of these issues can be solved with one nifty device that can fit into your bag?

If you want to, you can watch this video to know more about it:

MSI Claw A1M: The Portable Gaming Device to Save You From Small Talks During Family Visits

Let’s get real for a second. Gaming laptops are amazing—they pack a punch and let you play all the latest titles with stunning graphics. But they’re also big, heavy, and often burn a hole in your pocket.

Have you ever tried fitting one of those into your backpack along with everything else you need for the day? You won’t like it.

But this issue might just become a thing of the past, as MSI’s very first Intel-based Claw A1M handheld gaming system is changing the game for us gamers on the go.

Picture this: you’re on the MRT from Jurong West to Tampines, and instead of staring blankly out the window or scrolling TikTok through your phone, you simply whip out your Claw A1M and dive into a full-fledged gaming session. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

With the Claw A1M, you can enjoy your favourite games wherever you are, whether it’s on the train, at a café, or even just lounging in bed.

Power of the MSI Claw A1M in the Palm of Your Hands

Now, let’s talk about features because this guy has got some serious technology packed into its tiny body.

Image: MSI

Did you ever experience moments where it feels like your laptop is heating up enough to fry an egg just from running The Sims 4, and the cooling fan actually sounds like a jet aeroplane?

Well, one of the many great features of the Claw A1M is that it’s got the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 processor 155H. If you’re not a tech wizard, this basically means it’s super fast and can handle all your games without breaking a sweat.

Combine that with Intel® Arc™ graphics and you’ve got a device that can run graphically demanding PC games without them lagging like you’re watching a YouTube video on a 56K dial-up internet connection.

And speaking of keeping cool, the Claw A1M has this clever thing called intraflow thermal design. It sounds fancy, but what it does is redirect airflow to keep the device’s insides cool.

So, no matter how intense your gaming session gets, the Claw A1M stays as cool as a cucumber. (And with the current erratic weather of Singapore, don’t we all need some sense of stability in our lives?)

Plus, it’s got the biggest battery in its class—53Whr, to be exact; you can game for hours without having to constantly look for a power outlet! That’s 36% larger and lasts 50% longer than other devices out there, which means you don’t have to worry about it dying on you right when you’re about to defeat that final boss.

Image: MSI

If you’re wondering about specific games, think about playing Redfall with all its neon punk glory, Hogwarts Legacy with its vast, detailed landscapes, or Diablo 4 with its intricate, dark fantasy world. The Claw A1M handles these like a champ, giving you console-quality gaming on a handheld device.

Other Useful Features of the Claw A1M

One feature that’s going to light up your gaming experience (badum tss) is the Mystic Light halo on the joystick. It’s not just there to look cool—although it totally does, not gonna lie—it actually enhances your gaming experience by providing visual feedback.

So, when you’re deep in the game, those little lights add an extra layer of immersion. Plus, it’s like having a mini light show in your hands!

Another thing that makes the Claw A1M stand out is its ergonomic design.

(Hang on, let me whip out my dictionary… Ergonomic, adjective, relating to the design of furniture or equipment which makes it comfortable and effective for people who use it.)

Anyway, MSI has collected data from thousands of users around the world to create a device that fits perfectly in your hands.

You may claim that you have your own handheld gaming devices at home, but sometimes playing for long hours can make you feel some discomfort from the grip and weight. 

Whether you’ve got big hands, small hands, or anything in between (we don’t judge), the Claw A1M is designed to feel comfortable and natural. It’s got the right balance of grip and weight, and even the trigger force has been meticulously polished to perfection.

The control devices of the Claw A1M, such as the joystick and the trigger, use the Hall Effect design. This might sound a bit technical, but it simply means they’re superior to the traditional Carbon Film design found in other devices.

The Hall Effect joystick offers outstanding durability and stability, which translates to a longer product life cycle and a smoother, more reliable gaming experience. You won’t have to worry about your controls getting worn out anytime soon.

Last but not least, the Claw A1M comes with Intel® Arc™ graphics and leverages XeSS technology. In layman’s terms, XeSS uses advanced AI to upscale your game’s resolution, giving you higher frame rates (FPS) and smoother gameplay.

So, even when you’re playing those demanding AAA titles, the Claw A1M keeps everything running like a dream. 

But wait, there’s more.

The Claw A1M isn’t just about gaming. With its powerful processor and connectivity options, it’s a great all-around device for productivity too.

Whether you need to catch up on some work, watch movies, stream videos, or just browse the internet, the Claw A1M has got you covered, since it’s essentially just a laptop looks and feels like a portable gaming device.

Customise Your Claw A1M Settings to Suit Your Every Need!

For those who like to tweak every single setting and get everything just right, the MSI Center M is going to be your best friend.

It is a dedicated interface designed specifically for handheld devices, making it super easy to adjust settings and optimise your gaming experience.

You can choose from four different settings based on your preference:

And with Thunderbolt™ 4, you can connect to monitors, external graphics cards, and more, making the Claw A1M incredibly versatile.

The Claw A1M also comes with the MSI AI Engine, which analyses your behaviour and the applications you use, automatically adjusting system settings to best fit your needs. 

Because everything also must AI nowadays mah.

Immersive Audio with Nahimic Technology

And let’s talk audio. The Claw A1M features Nahimic Audio Technology, which delivers to users an optimised, immersive audio experience.

Image: MSI

You can choose between five modes (movie, music, communication, gaming and smart) that best suits your needs at any given time, whether you’re playing an intense shooter game, enjoying a relaxing farming simulator, or kicking back and watching a movie.

Plus, with MSI AI Noise Cancellation, all those annoying background noises are filtered out, making your communication crystal clear. 

Whether you’re chatting with friends during a multiplayer game, recording a playthrough for YouTube or taking a call on the go, you’ll be heard loud and clear.

Oh, by the way, yes, it has an audio jack.

Of course, nobody in this day and age would blame you for hesitating before committing to a rather large purchase, but I can shed some light on some of the positive feedback the Claw A1M has garnered.

Firstly, the Claw A1M has many awards under its belt, namely the Digital Trends TopTech CES Awards, Newsweek’s Best of CES 2024 and Android Authority’s Best of CES 2024, all of whom hailed its sheer power and portability as its best features.


The reviews speak for themselves too!

Gaming YouTuber ETA PRIME praised the Claw A1M for being a comfortable device to hang on to for long periods of time. 

“First impressions, I love the form factor, beautiful screen and great built quality,” he said.

YouTube channel Retro Game Corps also had their own fair share of compliments, saying that it is obvious that their engineers “spend a lot of time sampling other products to make sure they got theirs right” and that “it’s really designed with human hands in mind”.

Gamer Booredatwork also revealed that playing his games on the MSI Claw reaped better overall performance, and enjoyed the long battery life and cooling system. 

So, to wrap it all up, the MSI Claw A1M is like the Swiss Army knife of gaming devices. It’s portable, powerful, and packed with features that make it perfect for gaming on the go.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just someone who enjoys playing games during your downtime, the Claw A1M is going to be your new best friend.

You can get the Claw A1M with different specifications to meet various needs from its official website, or in authorised retailers in Singapore.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with MSI.

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