Can I confess a great tragedy and potentially comedy?

I did not realise social media sites had a dark mode until last year.


I’m also almost certain my editors are at their desks laughing.

Dark mode is supposed to enable a little more battery saving compared to the usual white and bright backgrounds. Also for a nice, cool factor. It supposedly makes reading at night much better.

While starting to take a liking to it, I’m also a fan of something else: WhatsApp messenger.

And guess who else is getting the dark makeover?

Double Darkening 

Because two is usually better than one.

According to World Of Buzz, WhatsApp has decided to step into the darkness as well.

Image: TechRadar

Much like the dark side in Star Wars, the temptation of the dark theme comes with not one but two variations of dark mode.

And you wonder why Anakin turned?

Wabetainfo mentioned that the version 2.19.311 update for the app was released on 1 Nov to beta testers.

However, the dark themes have yet to be shown to the public. Guess not all of us can be chosen ones.

Image: Giphy

I’m also an (unfortunate) iPhone user and the beta is only for those with Android phones.


The actual release would probably see dark mode released on both phone types simultaneously but for now, we wait.

Also good to note that you need to update your phone OS to either IOS 13 or Android 10 in order to use the dark themes!

The being said, if you are a chosen one then you may have seen a dark splash screen like below.

Image: wabetainfo

Pretty cool, not going to lie.

Still A Mystery

Of course, great things come to those who wait.

There isn’t too much to go off right now since things are still developing. However, Newsrum has given us some small tidbits to tease us.

Image: memegenerator

The first dark mode features a grey tone for the background with a jet-black tone for menu items.

The second dark mode has a pitch-black for the background with light grey for menu items.

In fact, there have been talks of a possible third dark mode but as usual, nothing can be confirmed for now. So much darkness indeed.

Image: memegenerator

I’d make a spooky joke but October’s already over, sadly.

Hopefully we’ll hear more information about this soon. If any of you manage to snag a peek, let us know what you think about WhatsApp’s darker style!

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