The former Mediacorp actress Ya Hui revealed that she was sexually harassed when she was younger.

And it wasn’t just once.

Ya Hui Reveals That She Was Touched Inappropriately By Secondary School Tutor 

In an interview with 8worldthe former Mediacorp actress shared that when she was in secondary school, her mother had hired a male tutor for her.

Little did she know that this male tutor would do more than teach.

He would “encourage” his students—by touching them inappropriately.

According to Ya Hui, the tutor would put his hand near her chest whenever she answered questions correctly, calling it “encouragement”.

Well, we sure hope Ya Hui didn’t get too many questions correct…

Fortunately, Ya Hui managed to get rid of the male tutor after letting her mother know she felt uneasy with the tutor.

Yet, this would be far from the last time the actress would be sexually harassed.

Ya Hui Shares About Her Experiences with Touchy Male Clients

When Ya Hui first entered the acting industry as a 20-year-old, the last thing she expected was to be touched inappropriately.

Yet, she was.

The 36-year-old shared with 8world that male clients often wrap their arms around female artists during photoshoots. Others would place their hands on female artists’ waists.

These clients are usually people that Ya Hui had only met once.

At that point, the former Mediacorp actress did not speak up about the harassment. She kept it all to herself, concerned about the consequences that would follow should a newcomer like her speak up about these male clients.

These types of situations were what the  “Were you silent, or were you silenced” TikTok audio was made for.

Fortunately, Ya Hui is now more confident in protecting herself from such harassment. Besides politely declining the moves made by male clients, the actress also avoids unwanted touching by adjusting her clothes or pretending to drink water.

Thinking fast.

As many have already heard, the actress left Mediacorp in February after spending 15 years there to explore new possibilities.

But how’s the actress doing post-Mediacorp?

For one, she shared that she considered working as a barista after leaving Mediacorp. You can read more about it here.

The 36-year-old also started filming for a new series, “Only Family”, in March this year. The series will be screened on Channel 8 this Thursday (27 July). You can also catch it on mewatch.

The actress also shared that she is considering furthering her acting career overseas.

Perhaps we’ll see Ya Hui on the big screens soon. Maybe on Netflix as well.

And with any hope, she won’t have to go through more harassment throughout her career again.

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