Do you know that ever since the Charles & Keith saga, Zoe Gabriel, commonly known as the Charles & Keith girl, now has a verified tick on her TikTok account?

And do you know that she now has over 248k followers, almost three times more than our future Prime Minister, Lawrence Wong?

And that other than modeling for Charles & Keith for International Women’s Day, she’s starred in another major brand’s campaign?

“Charles & Keith Girl” Zoe Gabriel Now Get Another Gig, This Time from AirAsia

The 17-year-old is probably no longer just the Charles & Keith girl; you can now call her the AirAsia girl, too.

AirAsia’s official TikTok account just dropped two videos featuring Zoe.

In the first, the focus was on a promotion for a free seat, but everyone’s focus is on Zoe dancing with the airline crew in a plane:

In the next, the focus is mainly only on Zoe, who’s now donned in an AirAsia cabin crew outfit with the caption, “Dare to dream with Zoe.”

Both videos have above-average view counts compared to their other videos, with most netizens focusing on Zoe instead of the deal.

Wait, what deal again?

Now an AirAsia Ride Ambassadress

In another AirAsia TikTok account, the airasiasuperapp account, Zoe starred in two videos as well, with one video revealing that she’s now AirAsia’s new ride ambassadress:

AirAsia Ride is a ride-hailing platform, just like Grab and Gojek.

Zoe herself has also posted an influencer-style TikTok video on her own account, showing her journey to Kuala Lumpar:

What Zoe Gabriel Has Been Up to Since the Charles & Keith Saga

2023 started with two big viral sagas: Jonathan’s beef with the police, and Zoe’s Charles & Keith story.

While Jonathan has lost his job, Zoe has gained popularity.

She has continued to post TikTok videos, went for events, went overseas and was even interviewed by ABS-CBN, a news network in the Philippines

Basically, you can say that Zoe Gabriel would probably be the next influencer to look out for.

In January this year, Zoe uploaded a TikTok video unboxing her “first luxury bag” that her father had bought for her.

The bag was from Charles & Keith.

However, the video went viral as people debated whether Charles & Keith is considered a luxury brand.

Many called her out and shamed her for calling the brand a luxury brand.

She then uploaded a response video explaining that her family did not have much when she was growing up.

Shortly after, the brand invited Zoe and her father to have lunch with the founders.

She was subsequently showered with several more Charles & Keith bags.

Other brands like Takagi Ramen also stepped in to offer her support.

And the rest is history.

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