Sengkang has been bustling lately—now, the long-awaited Anchorvale Hawker Centre is scheduled to open, as soon as the first quarter of 2024. 

To be more precise, it will be located at 339 Anchorvale Road, which is close to the Sengkang Sports Centre and Farmway LRT station.

Here’s all you need to know.

Why Sengkang?

According to The Straits Times, the hawker centre is expected to have 36 cooked-food stalls, complete with 650 seats. This comes in accordance with the Government’s ongoing plan to build 20 new hawker centres across the island to serve its residents, totalling to more than 800 cooked-food stalls.

The issue was brought up in parliament on 2 March by Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Amy Khor, stating that the Government will prioritise new and existing estates in the heartlands that could be more served in terms of affordable dining options.

“These sites are selected after carefully considering factors including residential catchment, availability of comparable dining options and complementary facilities in the vicinity. This ensures the centre serves the demands of the residents, while avoiding over-competition amongst comparable F&B establishments,” she said. 

What To Expect

Anchorvale Village Hawker Centre is slated to be a part of a mixed commercial and residential development area, with the area comprising two other Housing Board flats and a neighbourhood centre.

The neighbourhood centres are positioned by HDB to act as social wellness hubs, in which residents have quick and convenient access to amenities such as food, dining, healthcare, and retail outlets.

HDB has also mentioned that the new 207-unit Anchorvale Village Build-To-Order (BTO) project is close to completion and will be done between May and July, after it was delayed well beyond its Delivery Possession Date (DTD) of 31 January 2023. 

HDB will be paying a compensation sum between S$2,270 to S$6,360, depending on the length of the delay beyond the DPD.

The National Environment (NEA) highlighted that the new hawker centre must include a food-waste digester.

Food waste digesters work by having microbes (small microorganisms) break the food waste into simpler organic materials, which can be used as fertiliser. The chemical process of digestion will usually take a whole day inside the machine.

Fortunately, the run of good news does not end here. Compass One has ended its long 20-year run as Sengkang’s sole suburban mega shopping mall, and is finally accompanied by the new Sengkang Grand Mall that arrived on 6 March.

According to the mall’s website, the shopping mall will feature favourites like Ippudo, Le Shrimp Ramen, and 旺爐 CITY HOT POT, and if you’re feeling a bit more peckish but prefer cheaper options, you could venture to its new McDonald’s outlet as well, which has opened its doors to Singaporeans last week.

Located near Buangkok MRT Station and Bus Interchange, it will be within walking distance from the new Buangkok hawker centre, scheduled to open later in 2023, with the other one making its debut in Bidadari. 

Apart from the new hawker centres, Jurong West Hawker Centre is set to reopen in the third quarter of 2023 after two years of hiatus, resurfacing with five more cooked food stalls than its original 34 and 100 more seats than its original 479.

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